Kong Skull Island Trailer 2017 Movie - Tom Hiddleson & Barie Larson [New King Kong movie Trailer]

Kong Skull Island Trailer
From the producer of Godzilla movie now here it is the trailer for new King Kong movie title Kong Skull Island 2017. The new King Kong movie Trailer is more action and adventurer than its first series. Kong Skull Island movie trailer brings the battle among Humans and Kong Kong in jungle including soldiers, weapons and helicopters & Thunderous music. Watch Kong Skull Island Official Trailer

Movie Kong Skull Island will hit cinemas next year on March 10, 2017 United State. Kong Skull Island movie 2017 Trailer Official YouTube

Kong Skull Island is an upcoming Action, Adventure film Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts under the banner of Legendary Pictures while distributors are Warner Bros, Pictures. Actress Barie Larson plays Weaver as journalist alongside British SAS leader officer Captain James Conrad which plays by actor Tom Hiddleson. Kong Skull Island Films cast Tom Hiddleson, Barie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John C Reilly and John Goodman
New King Kong movie 2017 Kong Skull Island official Poster
Kong Skull Island